A Jammie Kind of Day

Trisha's FamilyToday’s post is brought to you by my dear friend and Mom Boss Trisha Anderson! Trisha is a mother of four children and also an entrepreneur. Along with her husband, she runs four businesses under the group name VISIONful to equip people, organizations, and communities to fulfill their vision and purpose. Trisha is also a woman of faith and a servant-leader.

I am having a jammie kind of day :).

Christmas is in the air….my favorite time of the year. This is the time when many begin to unwind, reflect on the year, sip hot cocoa and egg nog, and fill the home with family and friends and lots of love and laughter. This sounds like the perfect holiday or to some maybe even a dream right? Well for me this sounds more like a dream especially during this time of the year.

Honestly, from November until the end of December it’s more like the time of the year when I have to scramble to make sure I participate in all 4 of my children’s holiday performances and activities at school. This is the time when I have to sign up to bring cookies and treats to all their Thanksgiving lunches and Christmas parties. (By the way, I always pick cookies since it’s usually the easiest thing to grab from the grocery store while trying my best to push my 1 year old in those big clunky car-like grocery carts.) Why are those things so hard to push anyway?!

This is the time when I have to make sure I am being a good mother by begging the dentist office to take 4 kids on the same day when they only have 1 appointment left for the entire year. This is the time of the year when I have to hunt down where the kids put their gloves, scarfs, and hats yesterday so they don’t freeze when they go outside today. I brought my youngest daughter to school the other day and once I got her in the classroom, I realized she had her shoes on the wrong feet, had some crust in her eye, and had socks on her hands as gloves. I made every effort to avoid the look in her teachers’ eyes. I swapped her shoes, cleaned out her eyes, gave her a kiss and quickly made my exit.

As I walked out the door I heard her say to her teacher, “look at my sock gloves”…OMG I just kept walking at that point. I still don’t know how I didn’t realize I had put socks on her hands.

Later that same day my little sister and a friend of mine asked what I wanted to do for my birthday. My birthday falls after Thanksgiving but before Christmas-right in the peak of the holiday season. In the past I usually say, “Go to dinner with my girls”, or “Go to the movies”. Without hesitation though, I answered them and said

“All I really want to do for my birthday is to stay in my jammie’s, eat pizza, watch Netflix, and drink cherry icee’s all day.”

This mom of 4 was in desperate need of a jammie kind of day! As I am writing this now, I realize how much I was in need of a day like that in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle. When my birthday came around, I took the whole day to do absolutely nothing.  Well almost nothing- I confess I did spend a few hours preparing a year-end report for my businesses before anyone else woke up, but to my defense I did it in my jammie’s as I laid in the bed. That day I stayed in bed until 1:00 pm in the afternoon. (Hey don’t judge me.. this was MY Jammie Day.) My husband brought me breakfast in bed, my oldest realized I wasn’t budging so she cooked lunch and she brought me lunch in bed. After I finally got up, I took a shower, and you know what I did next? I put on more jammie’s! This was the first time I had been so intentional about taking a day for me….oh and it blessed me tremendously!

Having four kids and four businesses, there is always something or someone that needs my attention. Maybe some of you reading this often struggle with a similar juggling act during the holidays or other times of the year. My advice to you when things get a little crazy is to just take a day for yourself ….better yet take a Jammie Day! When the Lord blesses me and my husband to be able to hire a full staff team at VISIONful, one of the perks will be that we offer paid Jammie Days to all our employees!!  When are you going to take your next Jammie Day?



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