We Need More Sleep

Sleep MemeI’m writing this blog from my phone on the couch at 5:00 am on a Sunday morning. I was up throughout the night with the baby who is five months and teething hard. I finally caved and gave her Tylenol, and it didn’t even touch her discomfort. The only thing that worked was singing her old church hymns in the rocking chair at a strong steady pace so…

And Aubrey is up a lot at night right now. So she’s awake too. In fact, she scared me this morning because I was feeding the dogs outside and I turned around and saw her sleepy, serious face staring at me through the glass.

So the baby is in the swing chewing on her fist and Aubrey is watching the tablet. I’m curled up in a ball under a Slanket and Aubrey is lounging on my legs. I was intending to rest a bit longer but Emma is babbling loudly and whatever Aubrey is watching is at a pitch perfectly engineered to prevent drowsiness. So it seemed like a great time to write a blog about lack of sleep!

The other day I was chatting with a neighbor (working mom) who has three kids. We were comparing notes about how our kids are impossible to drag out of bed on school days, but up hours before sunlight on the weekend or any day we could possibly sleep in. I joked, “Well, you know what they say… I’ll sleep when I’m dead!”

She got serious for a moment and replied quietly, “Yeah, I’m not even sure about that. I have a feeling even death sleep will be a little rough.”

Because moms don’t sleep. It’s true. The struggle is real. And it’s not just a night here and there… for most it’s a chronic lack of adequate sleep that doctors say we should get to function normally. I have to literally take a day off of work and drop my kids off at daycare to get in a decent nap.

Which brings me to my suggestion… naps. Moms need more naps. I would trade in my lunch break for a nap break any day. What if there was a place at work to sleep? I know a mom who, if she has even 10 minutes, can squeeze in a nap.

Before I had kids I read about some progressive companies adding sleep pods to their office as an additional employee benefit. They were super fancy- temperature controlled,  aromatherapy equipped, and allowed for private, comfortable sleep. What a fabulous idea! I applaud these organizations for adding a perk that ends up benefiting moms and everyone else too.

But you don’t even have to get this fancy about it. Put a used futon in an empty office with a small blanket and moms are good. College frat house style. Moms can sleep anywhere.

But seriously, sleep. Find a way for moms to have sleep breaks, and you’ll be our hero.

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