Daycare is Expensive

IMG_1878At some point in every mom’s career she calculates the daycare equation – trying to figure out, given the cost of good daycare, whether her income is high enough to actually net positive.

If a mom is choosing to work outside the home, and paying for childcare during the day, she wants to know that in addition to her other personal reasons for working she is also helping the family financially. She wonders, if my income and the cost of daycare are a wash – why work? Why am I killing myself at work for no tangible financial benefit?

This is a fair question. Yes, in the moment it would appear that working doesn’t make sense. Especially if you calculate all the other related costs like financing a work wardrobe, paying for gas and wear/tear on your car, dry-cleaning, etc. It’s worth running the numbers, but mom might find that in the end she is actually spending money to be able to work… you can see how this realization could lead to discouragement and quitting.

But this is where we need mentors and executive coaches to help us remember the long-view perspective. It’s not about what we’re making right this minute. It’s about the career trajectory we are on and our overall earning potential. It’s not just about where we are, it’s where we’re going.

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